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I loved talking to all of the characters! This was so cute and so much fun!

(Also the linux build worked great!)


thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im glad you had fun!!!

and thank god! thank you for letting me know ;w; <3

This looks so cute!! Unfortunately I use a Mac and received an error code "The application can't be opened." Is this something that can be fixed? I look forward to playing your game soon!

ah thank you for being interested! I was asking for help on what could be an issue and it turns out that sometimes this ia just an error people get on macs?? I'm not able to fix it but this video could help??

I totally understand if this is too much effort though! Plus I cant guarantee it will work,,,

ill def look into it - thanks! :-)


this is so cute!! i love the look of the characters so much :")) i wish we got a more climatic ending but!! it's already lovely for what it is :DD


thank you! yeah the scale ended up being a bit too big for what was possible for us at this time (we both were sick with covid at the start of this and that didnt help,,,) but im still happy and proud of what we made!!

so just thank you so much for playing!!!!!! <3