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Nothing like the simple pleasures of coffee in the deepest depths of hell! :)

its good as long as u arent working there!!


oooooooh and who could that be talking about their cousin hMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I've never said MOOD and meant it as much as I did right just then.

i had a 9 hour shift today so like its been one long huge ass mood ahahaha ha


The mood that keeps on mooding.

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hi can i get a trenta vanilla sweet cream cold brew with two pumps vanilla three pumps caramel two pumps cinnamon dolce two pumps hazelnut two pumps toffee nut two pumps mocha two pumps white mocha two pumps pumpkin sauce three pumps maple pecan syrup and five shots of espresso


onion this coffee order was so bad it made me fill in a Captcha to prove I was human before it would let me post it


But I thought you were a duck?



omfg im dying from this but also god dont even fucking joke aaaaaaah thats scaryyyyy


i love this...........

hang in there oniyan...........


thankfully no one is as cruel as that mega crazy bloody drink old king of hell has,,, else i'd completely die lmao


hi is this the coffee shop? i'd like a donut please


sorry we are all out of donuts

ok what about like a bearclaw, you got a bearclaw?