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cool game! <3<3<3

I love all the little musics, uwu


so relaxing :OP

thank u!!!! :3


Lovely! So cute and sweet and I can fly! 10/10. 

Thank you!! (ꈍᴗꈍ)♡


Love the cute, simple execution and vibe this game gives off!

thank you!!! :'D


Nice :-) the music fits so well! 

thank you!!


Onion this is so cute!!!

thanks ;w; that feel nice to hear since it feels so halfassed on my end >.<;;; i wish i did more for the ground and sky backgrounds but i ran out of steam >.<;;;;;;;

shit i forgot to credit your song aaaaahh!!!! im so sorry it totally somehow left my brain!! (i think it was bc i quickly finished it and went to finishing washing floors that my mom didnt finish before leaving >.<;;;;) totally adding it now!!!!!!!! thanks for making the best music :3 <3 <3