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what a neat little game 

the sound effects are so quirky, and music is too groovy

loved it <3

thanks!!!! i feel like its got less of a story than usual but i learned so much!! plus lots of robot friends is always good :3


Good game I have lost all feelings in my hand because I pressed the buttons so much

thank u!! also mood... i playtested it so much so i kno.....


So many friends! I tried to go really fast so the sound effects would overlap each other and make fun background music.

haha i think i ended up doing that a lot just bc i was testing the game quickly xD 


the friends were so good :')

thank you :'D


that feeling when you can't make a step without accidentally making a robot! and i liked all the little details with the things in the house. and there is something compelling in its imaginative side, like the moment when you realize that you can make them so fast and you frenzily fill the empty house with cute beeping clanging robots in a matter seconds and like uhahaha. and then how you want to move around but you still keep making them and it's like random encounters, but because you build things uncontrollably. and you like "will i make robot, will i make a robot", and you start feeling angsty😱


oh gosh i feel like you went through all the emotions playing my game xD i'm glad you felt angsty/enjoyed(?) it <3


onion why do you keep making such lovely little worlds

it's terribly unfair

'tis just what i do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ even if i have to go thru hell for them <3


aaaaaaaaaagh your new user icon has killed me


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Incredibly awesome game :)

At first, I did not quite understand how to create robots (at first I ran around the "laboratory")

How to play:

But after that, I realized that you need to collect one "robot" (to the end, using it, several times).

And after, from the text you can understand that you need to walk on the tables, and create more MUCH FRIENDS on them. The end. C:

P.S Music is very suitable for the theme of the game C:

P.P.S Music Title: Grind


yeah i wish i could have made it more obvious what had to be done but i was running out of time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i'm glad you liked it! :3

я хотел сделал более очевидным что нужно было делать но у меня не хватило времени ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ счастлив что тебе понравилось :3




oniooooooon c:   (also the bg is rlly pretty)


aw thanks :D


this was so fun! I really felt like a mad scientist getting carried away! Oh and i love the sound effects - and music they remind me of Maniac Mansion

aw thank you! :'D


S N I P  S N I P


oh no i just realized i never made a crab robot 😱 i am so sorry! but u still get some snip snip so hope you forgive me :'D


lol you're allowed to do whatever you want in your games ^^)/ the snip snip was nice


yeah but hell this was such a good time to add randy g and i blew it


I was going to tidy up a little bit, guess that was impossible...

But now I have some friends =D

yeah!! all the friends!!! .....who needs to tidy things up? not this scientist........................... <3