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Thanks for the game!

I'm glad that the learned cat has finally had a day-off. He deserved it after all his years of service. Creative work is exhausting, after all.

Also, kudos for re-imagining the Russian classic. It was nice to see all those characters that I knew from childhood in a more relaxed and sort of 'behind the scene' setting.


aw thank you!!! im glad you enjoyed how i reimagined everyrhing, definitely means a lot to me!! i love the poem so much that this was very fun to do!! 


nice game! thank you for making it <3<3<3


Nice use of colors and how you drew inspiration from the epic poem.

thank you :D i rly love the works of pushkin and just general russian folktales so hoping to make more such games :P


I really enjoyed this. Very relatable. 

thanks <3


Very good mood rendering and colo--- Wait what? The avatar is 4 tiles-sized??? o_O

haha i told myself i'd use sean's new hack for something and thus i did~ :P


See, that's what happens if kitty doesn't get its daily portion of healthy cuddles! Well, hopefully tomorrow...

yeah this kitty needs a lot of cuddles but i'm sure they'll be feeling much better tomorrow.. :P


 I love you managed to capture a kind of woodcut/textile visual aesthetic! THe beast noone has ever seen is my fav character.

aw thanks! i was trying a different style to how i usually draw my bitsy game so i'm glad you liked it :D glad you liked that little beast haha my mom kinda laughed at my design of them :P


This is nice, I really like how you've changed up the visuals in this game!

I kinda feel bad for the characters though, they're all a bit sad today

yeah tried something different mostly bc i hoped to get it done in one day haha and yeah its reflecting my feelings a lot at the moment ¯\_(・へ・)_/¯