sequel to the acclaimed "lil onion detective" though you do not need to play it to understand this game (but its very short so you might as well.. and i think it would enhance the experience of playing this game!)

with five different routes and ten endings- there should be lots of fun! and yes you probably do want to get at least 6 endings to get the full experience :) and yes there is a true ending (and one is a secret ending >:^P )  

edit: i made some onion detective themed mouse cursors so i decided to share them B)

Updated 16 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Crime, Detective, everyone-is-nonbinary, Gay, LGBT, Mystery, Pixel Art, vegetables


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oh wow thats cool! nope def not mine

you have started a hot trend of onions who are detectives, that's dope


my legacy............... :')


Lol I got the extra bad ending on my first try and the true ending on the second. 

nice haha thank u for playing!


What a game! Good job! :D

thank you!!! :'D

I've been playing this all afternoon and i can't figure out more then 6 endings....most of which are bad or very very bad...amazing game though :) (i'll get there, just give me a few..weeks)


oh no! i hope you find the true ending! many of the endings are too bad... I guess a hint: the very good ending is on the same path as the very very bad ending, you just have to.. not pick something up :P


i got the super bad ending on the first run and i was so emotionally invested in it lmao. love how all the characters are fruits & veggies, thanks for sharing!


thank you for playing :D (to tell the truth i cried as i wrote the super bad ending ha ha)


I love the colours and the page's background! 


Great work! Like that much!


This is extremely good. I really like that everyone seems to be nb!


yep! everyone is nb or like u can give them ur own headcanons but if anything no one can say any of them are not queer xD they are vegetables and fruits and weird pixel blobs so like why would they have gender :P