a very short game i made for the itsy bitsy game jam :P

(also wow i didn't use any hacks?? who even am i?????)

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TagsBitsy, date, everyone-is-nonbinary, Gay, goddess, LGBT, rain


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what a twist!




i guess this was a pretty cool game. <3<3<3

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Aw a beautifully told story of a date with a goddess.  I really enjoyed the colour palette, the cloud hopping, and the use of (what I suspect is) exits, rooms, and sprite cloning to create the animation effects. I've really enjoyed testing the boundaries of what you can do with vanilla bitsy - this is a great example of that.

thank you!! ^^ i'm glad you enjoyed it! yeah its a lot of exits and actually not much sprites but recoloured tiles since those can be reused and duplicating rooms is much easier that way :P


Who knew a date under a pouring rain cloud could be so sweet? Great job!

thank you :D


super duper cute!!! I love the water goddess, she's great :D

thanks :D it was uh gonna be a lot more simple but then.. i got the idea for her and so it just sort of turned into this xD


This is so sweet <3 

thanks ^^ <3


aaa pretty clouds alsooo i smiled a couple times too :3 


thanks :3