you must go kill the monster in the maze....
would you believe me if i told you this game was actually.......... a gentle slice of life?

THIS IS NOT FINISHED OK ITS WIP BUT BASICALLY ABANDONED hopefully will have a remake with the new ver of bitsy one of these dang days.. i rly want this game to exist ok this is like a few years old now oh no

image to bitsy by ruin
borksy by ayolland 
bitsy hacks by sean & mildmojo

MUSIC IS NOT IN THE GAME BUT HERE IS 3 OUT OF LIKE THE 8 TRACKS BY andimlenny I INTENDED TO USE so listen to them if u want to feel the moods lol uh the first one happens after the "prologue" trust me u will kno when the "prologue" ends: 
want to look at the stars (nighttime)

visual inspiration borrowed from travel sickness by sarah gould & space bubble cat by emma dee

Super Festival Exhibitor 2022

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, husband, maze, Monsters, Slice Of Life


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this is so nice so far!! Can't wait to see more!

thank you!!!!!!!


Love IT!

thank you!!! :D


this is beautiful! thank you for making this!



aw thank u so much for giving this one a try! i kno it can be frustrating to play an unfinish game <3


I really like the graphics and the concept! the little RPG battle screen is great too


Thanks!!! it kinda maybe started from all that, a fake out if u will haha i neeeeed to remake this so badly!!



fuck,,,,,,, I really wish i could have a bit more of it, I'm mesmerized by the way you writte your little dialogues, it's genuinelly fulfilling.
No matter what, i'm grateful for the time of complete joy that i had while playing this project.

thank you so much. :]


thank you so much for playing!! i rly wish there was more myself :'(

i rly love this game.. i'm rly hoping i will make a remake.. if it doesnt happen.... well its not not because i dont wish to! i've tried and had plans to finish this game or make remake it.. and each time i play it and realize its super perfect as it is?? and then try to finish it and get lost in all my variables and rooms >.>;; its a mess,,

i'm so happy you got something out of this! this game is so dear to my heart, i wanna cry over it! its always much better than i remember it being too.. haha

just legit thank u so much for taking the time to play something incomplete! it means a lot to me especially that you still enjoyed it <3