Woken in the night by your boss, you must go uncover the murder at the mysterious Manster Mansion belonging to the most ruthless mafia clan in the world. Will you be able to get out unscathed or will you perish like the typical victim of their cruelty?

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WARNING: im sorry if the text lags a bit... i might have a bit too many hacks and variables and stuff >o<;; but i hope it doesn't take away from the experience!!

P.S. there's 2 endings >:^)

their prompts were mobster/mafia, eldritch, and murder mystery!

i have no clue if i delivered but i hope they enjoy the game!
i had a lot of fun making it and kinda maybe its more of a present for myself at this point....
i'm very sorry!

Borksy by Ayolland 
Bitsy Hacks by Sean 
Image to Bitsy by Ruin

Cemetary Clown - Sir Cubworth
Fioj - Text Me Records / Hii.de
Generations Away - Unicorn Heads
The Night Before - Text Me Records / Bobby Renz

honestly this might be a new level of indulgence for me but yeah i really hope everyone and especially mbtzl has fun playing it :3c

P.S. if stuck, just talk to krys.. thats basically the whole game lol

P.S.S. if the above tip doesnt help, well buddy it might be a bug and u shud tell me thanx (there shouldnt be no more bugs hopefully, the last one was squashed!)

Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Monsters, Mystery, Noir, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Development log


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I accidentally did the wrong ending and had to immediately run back through to kiss krys

haha x'D thank u for playing!!


so good and lovely im die

also thank u v much for The Making Of page, i am not v experienced in code yet and couldn't figure out what stuff to fiddle with for the colors lol but now i am emboldened !!! empowered!!!!!!! 

i played for both endings and it was gud. Thank u v much.

THANK U!!!!! *^///^*

anything i kno to do is bc friends have helped me! im very much a baby at code myself! but im always glad to help and show my process for stuff!! HELL YEAH!! FIDDLE WITH THOSE COLOURS AND TRY NEW THINGS AND DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! (are u on the bitscord (bitsy discord) server? if not its rly great! everyone is very helpful and nice and all the Coding Wizards of Bitsy (and in general) are on there!!

aah im glad u liked it enough to replay >w< 💖💖💜💜


this was so lovely!!! first of all the colors and spritework were stunning, it wasn't as detailed as other bitsy games ive seen but it worked perfectly for the game!! the characters all had distinct voices, you could rlly see their personality n what theyre feeling despite bitsys limitations.. and the story!! i got so attached to everyone, n i love the complexity of the endings - some stories like this would try n justify all the real crimes krys committed, but this felt a bit more real. also, am i in love w johnny? perhaps. 20/5, one of the best ive ever seen!!

AAAAAH THANK YOU!!!!! ï½¡ï½¥ï¾Ÿï¾Ÿ*(∩>///o///<∩)*゚゚・。

yeah krys is terrible but just,,,, i love them haha,,, well i love all the characters!! i basically usually only have the roughest of outlines for dialogue so most of it was made up on the fly so i just got super attached to all the characters and i'm glad that anyone playing my game seems to really like them all too!!! johnny is one of my fav sprite designs heehee i mean all of them are very simple and similar in ways but :P 



Woah, this game is absolutely stunning! I was hooked the whole was through, so much fun! :D Now to get the good ending lol

thank you!!!!! ✧(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧ haha the good ending isnt really hard to get plus there's a hint in the comments heh


I found it really easily :) it's a very well designed game <3 

thanks :3 yeah i didn't want to make it too difficult! i actually didn't really think i was even going to make another ending but well i don't actually like bad endings so,,, i made the good one last minute basically xD


okay I just finished this game and I love it so much! I'm not a big fan of murder mysteries but the characters in the game got me good. It's really interesting and unique, especially Neo who is a very weak mc, (unlike in most games where mcs are strong) which makes him different and somewhat relatable. Weirdly enough I like Krys... is that morally wrong? :p But anyway if you ever continue this series I'm happy to wait and play it! 

thanks you â™¡(∩ꈍoꈍ∩)♡ yeah neo is kinda weak huh i never really thought about it but thats the way it happened ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ its ok i really like krys! (did you get the good ending? bc theres two~) tho i guess i created it all so of course i like everyone!

no plans on continuing it yet but if i think up of a sequel then i totally will make another game!! i really do love these characters <3

thank you again for playing!!!! i'm really glad you enjoyed it (ꈍᴗꈍ)


Now that I think about it... I think I got the bad ending? I dunno I'll try again to get the other ending (which I assume is the good one).

Also looking at the older comments I found your art style and it's really cute, like can you make a game based on that? (Like a visual novel or something). I would totally play that! But I'm not pushing you to do anything, 'cause I'm ready to patiently wait for whatever you're gonna post next.

Till then, I'm gonna play your old games to keep me entertained... so yeah :)

yeah i think i even gave a hint for the second ending, its not too hard to find! hope you do and you like it or something :3

aw thanks!!! it's just one of my styles i guess, not sure if i'll use it for a visual novel/etc but who knows! i will prob attempt something in the much more distant future but for now low graphics have been easier tho it might change! i surprise myself something

awww i hope you enjoy my other games!!! <3 <3 <3


I've never felt attached to any bitsy game characters until I played this??? Like,  I'd draw a fanart of this if I get a clear picture of the characters??? It'd be nice if this was series. I'd literally continue playing it til the day you end the series :")


omg omg omg THANK YOU!!!!! i have no clue if i’ll ever make it into a series but i might give it a sequel!! i really love these characters (*^▽^*)

.....i have truly only.. um... thought of them as how the pixel sprites look (plus it lets ppl imagine whatever they want) but u kinda made me curious so...... here’s what i got:

not exactly happy with lili’s bangs but oh well i’ve run out of steam >x<;;;

..ok fine heres a even quick scribble... this is more like it??

are those horns?? or ears??? most likely horns bc i gave them actual ears but who even knows????? i have no clue!! thats my secret... i never think things through! ah ha ha... 

thank you for playing my game!!!! legit gosh this comment made me so happy!!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜


I'm glad to hear that my comment made you happy qwq 

I'm proud to say that I literally played (almost) all of your games because of the unique avatar designs and the interesting stories~! My other favorite games of yours is "h e l l"~! My favorite part is when one of the sinner of lust said, "I used to write a lot of kinky slash fanfics.." XD 

Oh yeah, about Jeff's fringe, it kinda remind me of those lines that appears whenever an anime character is creeped out so I'm not really sure if those are fringe or not TT

I ship Neo and Krys together lmao. They remind me of my own characters. One is the leader of a yakuza group, the other is part of the police force.


aaaah thank u!!!! (〃ω〃) im so glad you have enjoyed my games!!!! 

haha yeah some of the “sins” in that game are great if i can say so myself x’D

oh yeah woops i think i forgot jeff’s fringe... pretty sure tho are just sulking lines hahahaha oops

i mean neo and krys are Canon UwU (did u get the “good” ending?) ooh the premise of your characters reminds me of a bl manga! honestly like yakuza/police is Good Stuff 👌🏻


Really??? Wow,  I didn't know that! I kinda got the bad ending since I don't really know how to get the good ending??? qAq

And yeah, the characters are from a bl manga that I'm currently working on uwu

SPOILER ALERT!!! oh gosh im replying so late so no clue if you've found it or not but getting the other ending is basically just not talking to stoker at the end but going back inside the mansion, i mostly planned having a single ending but then the second one kinda snuck up on me and i had to add it

ooh nice! sounds interesting :3c


o wow, that was fucking fantastic; the story was incredibly enjoyable, the characters were well made, and the story well told. Besides the music, that I genuinely liked

I felt in completely immersion :)

well done, good stories make new worlds.


THANK YOU!!!!!!! i'm glad you enjoyed it and liked it so much!! that's so nice to hear :'D


That's such a well told & detailed story. Great graphics & the audio worked really well with it. :)

thank you :'D <3 <3 <3 <3


"lmao my guy"


this game is so On-Brand for Onion that i exploded 10/10


im a simple gay, emma Relieved Face on Apple

THANKS!!! IM REALLY GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT especially after u replayed it a bunch and like looked at the messy file.. THANKS FOR HELPING ME OUT!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!! ðŸ’–💖💖💖💖 


i finally got the time to play this and WOW ONION THIS IS AMAZING????????? The colors and the characters and the dialogue holy wowowow!!! I felt compelled to run through it twice to get both endings hahaha.


aw THANKS :'3c thats so nice to hear!! (i hope you didnt encounter any issues haha) all i can say in my defense... im  g a y  heh which is why i added the second ending.... im really glad you enjoyed it enough to play it twice!!!! <3 <3 <3


Fantastic game! The art is extremely well done with so much detail. Gonna have to read your devlog to see how you made all the it all. The dialogue, while great, had a few issues in places (mostly the color changes indicating who is talking  is sometimes missing ).

I had to restart because I was stuck after talking to everyone.

thanks!!! :3

yeah i hoped in places the dialogue kinda made sense who was talking?? bc i just wasn't in a good frame of mind to also figure out the custom text colours hacking to have more than the.. well mostly 2 colours, i kno the dialogue for protag and their thoughts are both basically white..

yeah many ppl kept getting stuck and i just dont kno where the issue is.... that why i posted the link for the quick "walkthrough" so at least if ppl restart they can sort of skip... i need to learn to better figure out these pesky variables and keep track of everything lol


Wow, what an awesome murder mystery! I really wanted to know what was behind the locked door, but I couldn't find a way to open it. Still! The choice of what to do at the end - both sides are super compelling. Being a queer romantic mess of course i went for monster love, but it was really interesting seeing Neo beat themselves up over the other choice as well. Great job on your game, the atmosphere, colors, and everything all together were amazing! Special props especially to the multiple colors in each room. I can't wait to try it out myself!


Thanks!!!!!!! :3 yeah that hallway door is just bc ~design~ (spaced looked bare with only one door) but if i had more time and was like not that tired i prob would have done something for it.. i bet its just a supply closet?? bc i think putting a bedroom near the door to the room seems weird mmmm i guess another office could be.. but i do like the sound of a supply closet ha ha

yeah idk which ending is “canon”.. i guess they both are but yeah im super there for the “good” one (i actually didnt have this one planned at first i think but like come on like i could resist it! tragedy isnt my typical thing so yeah :p

hell yeah good luck!!!  


No comments?

Everyone is probably just waiting for a big chunk of free time to go through it all

or they probably just all said everything in the discord to you already

i think its so long that the few ppl who finished it have just told me stuff directly ha ha (mostly bc i had to help them get to the end bc bugs/issues >.<;;) and everyone else is still trying to find time to play it ha ha its a lot of text......