how this hot mess was made and hot glued together

ok peeps so.... 

IF YOU DONT KNO HOW TO DO MORE THAN 3 COLOURS or like exit-from-dialogue then lenny's FAQ is here

so i drew it in colours with my established colour palette ( is my fav for getting some base colours to tweak)

then i duplicate the layer and carefully break it into the separate components so it'll be easier to assemble it once its in bitsy

this is what it looks like (i do change the background from grey to white when bringing it into Image to Bitsy)

a lot of assembly

i also kept a notepad where i wrote the colour palettes out:

lighter blue - col 0
dark grey - col 1
undetermined - col 2
dark blue - col 3
yellow - col 4
orange - col 5
red - col 6
lighter grey - col 7

(i only had two palettes tho so thankfully not that bad to keep track off.. but did have to have multiple of same items with diff colours bc colours tags changed depending on palette)

ALSO for the other sprites, i just drew them out in aseprite and then eyeballed the items/sprites/tiles basically bc i left them all till the end except for stoker... yep

SMALL TRIVIA: bc i did that.. the weirdo corpse i drew first... didn't fit at all so i had to redraw it... i just drew it in aseprite and then like with the sprites had to eyeball it..... plan things ahead my friends

more than 3 colours on a tile? you gotta stack dem items (i think bitsyOracle figured that out?? or at least i think i saw it from them in the bitsycord way back)

BORKSY IS YOUR FRIEND!!!! you just copy your game data, paste it in, and download it and test it, then go back and fix stuff in bitsy and rinse and repeat... tedious but hey guess what I HAD TO GO BACK AND FORTH PASTING MY EXTRA HACKS INTO THE HTML FILE AND THATS THE REAL BINCH

i keep a notepad file open to copy paste stuff from... yellow is the hack that gets pasted in and the not highlighted is the stuff i use to search placement

i do the same thing with the music.. u never kno when ur browser will randomly reset borksy bc thats happened lol so i keep the rooms bit and the audio loops in the file

also good for the extra hacks like the edit image from dialog hack-- like compile these extra hacks in the notepad and thus u have them to paste into the Additional Javascript tab in borksy (IF YOU'RE WORKING ON MORE THAN ONE GAME WITH DIFF HACK, ITS A BIG LIFE SAVER)

..gotta admit i have another game open in the bitsy and i keep referencing stuff like the format of edit image from dialogue hack... also i keep going back to another notepad to copy the audio loop stuff lol reusing is *thumbs up*

and my variable use is real uh patch worky... so you dont actually want to learn from me lol but i actually did use the bitsy variables tab this time emma!!! be proud of me!! i kept track of them this way for once! (i use the custom in conditionals a bit too liberally usually)

and yes i did have a lot of invisible items, some with terrible conditionals like 

lol and y'all wonder why my game is broken

i have an item around one sprite thats:

which then kept changing the {master_1 = 6} back to "5" bc i never said anywhere to make {talk1 = 0} lmao and i was like "why not working????" bc hack job u guys, its terrible lmao

also plz use ur inventory tab for variables.. maybe u already do bc ur not me, but yeah its a life saver plus lets u check things quicker

and yes i have conditionals that trigger the edit image hack which is why the "sprites" disappeared.. even tho u got walls in those places.... thats bc sprites dont go away but just become invisible... if i knew how to toggle the item hacks from going from the solid hack to change name to be just permanent hack... i would do it but i legit dont kno how to do any of this stuff... i just use the stuff people already give us (I LOVE YOU SEAN YOU DANG WIZARD YOU)

SO YEAH UH THATS BASICALLY IT???  so no coherent tutorial but like damn my brain is goo


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Thank you! This was very helpful!

thabk you!! a small update tho— if u what u wish to do is multiple colours, u can now use !! (and i wrote another blog post on how i used it here haha 😅)


Good post!  I think I am going to attempt some of this madness for the Tarot Jam!

aw thanks :3 and GOOD LUCK!!!!! would love to see the final results :D


i'm sorry for stealing your time away from this masterpiece !

but went through a LOT for this secret santa jam!

Congratulations on your present!

And...just congratulations on finally being done...!

(now for the tarot jam  O~O)


it was real fun to work on something that wasnt this!! ha ha i legit dont kno why i went all out but i guess the prompts just deserved it xD 

thanks!!!! im so glad it done... warts and all ha ha

(oh god... i dont even kno where to start for tarot jam..)


great post!

omg thank you!