secret santa for enui!!!  

their words were spoons and comfy 

i hope i did it some justice :3c

WARNING: sorry if it takes a moment to load or lags a bit.. i really should have planned it out more but well i wanted to try something different and a new tool and maybe was a little too hasty and eager..


p.s.s. we're gonna pretend everything in this game is intentional or else i will go mad :))))

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(28 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Cozy, spoons, Walking simulator, winter

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loved it! really nice walk

thank you! glad you enjoyed it <3



thank you!


wow, this world is HUGE (and so pretty - when i stumbled on the northern lights, i gasped!) just finished up, what a fun one. thanks!

thank you!!!!!!!!! <3


Loved the tiling and dialogue, the northern lights effect was so pretty! I'm happy I found all of my spoons.


thanks (again) ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–


I haven't finished this game yet but so far its amazing the dialogue is funny and and concept is fun, also I love the colour palette of this game its all great.

aw thank you!! im really glad you've enjoyed it so far!!!

Deleted 1 year ago

aw thank you so much!!!!! im very glad you enjoy them <3


There is a lot of stuff for a bitsy game! I'm trying to complete it but there a lot of fun little things to look at.

aw thank you!!! im so glad u are enjoying :D


I havent played it and I'm too busy too, but it seems like a good game and I wish you luck with any future games you may or may not make. <3


      a questionable person.

thank you!


I loved how quirky this was, and the art was great. :)

thanks :D i'm glad u enjoyed it!!!!!


this is so sweet and your art is lovely!! in awe of the sky and the northern lights tbh

thanks ///w/// the northern sky gave me some difficulty in how to approach it but i think it turned out rather nice and i'm pretty proud of it :D


What the hell this is so good looking and cute

All those colours... magic...

///w/// thanks!!


this is so good onion!!! man rgbitsy is such a big help


thanks :D <3 <3  its crazy how easy it makes it all be!!!! 


This is so pretty, with all its cozy colors! And that AURORA, holy cow! (I haven't discovered the ending tho...)

thanks!!! it took me some redraws and false starts on how to get the aurora to look good!!!

the ending is pretty easy.. the last spoon hints to go take a nap :P

Hm yes, I thought I had to go back home and lie in bed, but nothing happened

oh no dont tell me i messed up my variable count of how many spoons i have............................... <>.<>;;


i am so tired and if ur feeling charitable.. would u replay it and see if u get the exit now? im just..... im real tired of this game lmao

(there are 2 spoons at the screens near the house where u start (meaning up, down, left, right) and then the rest except the aurora screens have 1 spoon,,,,,)


Yeah of course! I'll report back shortly!

thank you :')


onion this is GORGEOUS

And yeah, I think our secret santa games ended up having similar vibes!! You'll have to tell me how to get your hidden lesbian ending, though ;)


thanks ;0; i mean whats better than 1 hike... having 2 walks/hikes!!

haha thats only in the dlc ;^)


omg this is the first time i've actually seen rgbitsy in action and you did... so good???? it's so pretty!!!!! ashfklsdfhjdslfh

thanks!!!! this was a really good test run for using it bc now hopefully i wont make some dumb mistakes for my other wip game haha it was pretty rad to use rgbitsy!!!! it makes it all so much easier!!!!


the colours are so fantastic! i especially love the pond with the ice skate marks on it.

thanks!!!! it actually took me a while to settle on the colour for the skate marks xD probably my hardest decision heh


it paid off! also i love ol gary. and hot witch danny. blessed characters

i'm glad! i like them too :3 i bet they go on double dates with their respective spouses


i love the entire aesthetic of it all. the controls are very simple, and so is the game, but its all creative too! keep it up!!

thank you!


This is the sweetest and prettiest! I love all the spoons and the snowpeople and the lovely houses and the trees and every single pixel you placed is amazing <3

:') THANKS! IM SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT!!!! it was pretty fun making it <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3